Customer Testimonials

Our Best Advertising Comes From Halminen Homebuyers 

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Halminen Team. I purchased my home in Springfields Courtice, ON in March 2013. It was always a dream to own a new construction Halminen home. They definitely did not disappoint. I did quite a bit of research before purchasing my home and the quality and workmanship was done beautifully. I have to say they sure do deserve the 2013 Builder of the Year award. My home was built on time and had such a great experience with their customer service. Cathy, Lynn and Dan were such a pleasure to work with and met all my concerns and needs. They were friendly and courteous from start to finish. My passion is interior design and their lovely selection of home finishings and standard upgrades made picking out my colors a fun and easy day that brought my vision to life! I get compliments from family and friends every time they visit. I would highly recommend Halminen. This was the best purchase of my life and I am so happy with my beautiful home. Thank you to Halminen for making this experience so amazing!"
Monique McNamara
"My family are purchasers in your Springfield Community, having over 30 years in the real estate business, in residential, commercial, and industrial sales, I have to state I have been pleasantly surprised to say the least. The care and concern that was shown by the people we were in contact with, Cathy and Rosanna in Sales, Ken Predrywall and Final Inspection, Anu at the Design Centre, and Jennifer at head office. They are people to be proud of. The after sales service has been in my opinion exceptional, and leaves little to be desired. The finished trim, drywall and paint, Great!! P.S. Believe me, I have seen some real disasters over the years. WOULD recommend Halminen Homes to any past clients, friends and sales associates. Thank you."
George Livingstone
"We have recently moved into the Maplewoods model home and would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation of the impressive quality of our home and our admiration for the people who have made this experience so positive and pleasurable. This is our sixth home, with two of them being custom builds and another a custom renovation, and we can honestly say that the quality of this home is superior to them all. Every room of the house has been meticulously crafted with careful attention to detail. The care and skill in construction is commensurate with the level of quality finishes throughout our home. We have many upgrades in this model and every light fixture, paint colour, carpentry finish and detail has been planned with attention to co-ordination and aesthetic appeal. We have been exceedingly impressed with the outstanding group of people with whom we have interacted after possession. It is just as important to have service that is efficient and personable as it is to have a quality home; this is where Halminen Homes has exceeded our expectations. Jennifer Francisco has organized repairs and adjustments in an unbelievably systematic and timely manner and her obvious interest in, and concern for, our satisfaction has been greatly appreciated. She is the lead person for a homeowner and her attitude is always positive, helpful, and, most important of all, she is sincere in her desire to assist in every way possible. Dan Johnson and Bruce Cyr have been absolutely indispensable to us in a variety of situations, and they have repaired problem areas and offered suggestions several times since we have moved in. They are key members of your organization and should be congratulated for their outstanding efforts in making the transition for new homeowners in the subdivision as smooth and worry-free as possible. Dan can find a solution for every problem! We have also been impressed with the trades who came in to finish our 30 day list; Tranquility Heating, PCH Electrical, the painters, Raywal Kitchens, the aluminum company, the drywall technicians, all of these workers were efficient and friendly, making it obvious to us that they were there to complete the job with the highest degree of skill and interest. Every item was completed within a week of submission to Jennifer; this is truly commendable and a credit to her dedication. We feel very fortunate to be members of the Maplewoods community and we would like to thank you not only for the quality of our home, but also for the outstanding group of people whom you employ; they are very valuable assets to your company and we would like to commend Jennifer, Dan, Bruce, along with Ken McDonald and the many people behind the scenes who have contributed to the construction of what is our dream home."
Ed and Penny Maring
"We thought we would take the time to let you and the rest of the crew at Halminen Homes know how our experience was. The requirements for our new home were simple, a great community and a great builder. The research we did lead us to Black Creek. Courtice is a place where we have called home for 15 years. This is by far the best community in years to be built in our town. It was a difficult task to make our move to sell. Once we visited your sales office and met with your staff the task turned to great excitement as we were very confident in the work we had seen. The communication regarding all the stages of the home being completed was just what you would expect when making such an important purchase. We have been in our home for 3 months and really feel as though this was the best choice we could have made. We have absolutely no regrets about moving from our first home to be in this unique development. We look forward to raising a family in this neighborhood and feeling great pride every time we enter into it. Keep up your great standards and thanks for building us a safe and quality product."
The Bath Family
"Yes I am happy with my home and love the floor plan. I'm a realtor and therefore have the opportunity to view many, many homes and although I am not a fan of new homes (living with dust and mud etc. but, mostly waiting for the neighbourhood to mature--trees etc.) I felt there was a better quality to the Halminen homes and the floor plan was just what we wanted for our lifestyle. We are just 2 adults who do quite a bit of entertaining--this is our first "new" home purchase. "
"My general buying experience with buying a home from Halminen homes has been overall wonderful experience. The home was well constructed, the quality and workmanship was well done. Compared to other builders that had homes for sale in the same price range, the Halminen homes just stood above an beyond the competition. As a Halminen home owner, I can say that each Halminen Home Neighbourhood has distinct look to it which makes them ultimately stand out, and when driving through other neighbourhoods I can even pick out the Halminen homes. All of the homes are well laid out, and being a first time home buyer, and not being able to purchase all the bells and whistles, the home I purchased still looks great because of all the good materials and "extras" that normal builders do not always offer. The layouts of all the Halminen homes are amazing. The best feature about my home and all the Halminen homes that I have looked at is there is absolutely no wasted space! When I bought this home and moved in, I expected to have a huge list of service items or defects within the first month or 2, but to my surprise that was not the case. I am surprised that I did not have to call for any defects at all! I did however receive calls for complimentary service, (which I did not really require). Any items that needed attention due to the house being constructed over the winter months were dealt with in a timely manner, and the staff at Halminen were very courteous and helpful. Thanks Again for making my buying experience great!"
Tiju & Sophia Mathew
"This letter is to update you on our experience as "new home" buyers in the region of Durham. As former residents of Northern Ontario and new in the region, we were impressed by the sales person for Halminen Homes as she explained the region, area and neighbours we would meet and I have found her information to be correct and extremely helpful. We also had concerns as to the topography of the lot and future projects of the neighbourhood, and the employees of Halminen Homes were prompt in meeting with us to explain future work and building projects and provided contacts at the regional government level to confirm the information. The layout of the home as well as the exterior colour schemes and building materials used are what attracted us. There are certain aspects to the construction of the home that impressed us. We were also shown still photographs of the different stages of the construction. We are, to this point, satisfied with the service after sale received; our concerns were dealt with quickly and efficiently and repairs were conducted with minimal inconvenience to our personal lives. We have been made aware of the process in reporting defects, and to this point any and all concerns are being dealt with in a timely manner."
Ivan and Sylvie Labelle
"My experience with Halminen Homes has been a very pleasant experience. As first time home buyers, one of the things that I really appreciated about the Sales Representative was that she took the time to explain everything we needed to know in terms of hidden costs, extra cost etc. Our decision to purchase one of your homes was based on the fact that we loved the layout of the model home and the excellent service we received from the inception. We love our home and everything about it. Of course, there is always something that if you could change or do differently you would do it...but for the most part, we are totally satisfied with our purchase. Overall the warranty staff have been great to deal with they have been very friendly and courteous. All requests have been dealt with in a timely manner and I have no complaints on that end. Thanks Jennifer and have good day."
Carol Persaud
"We would say that overall we are very satisfied with our Halminen purchase. This is our first new house and we found it a pleasurable experience. We bought this house specifically for the layout. We had looked at many others and couldn't find the layout we wanted. Even though this was an inventory home and we didn't have the colour choices for cabinetry, flooring etc. we are pleased with the choices that were made. We also find the warranty service satisfactory so far. All of our PDI and 30 day items were dealt with in a timely fashion. We would gladly recommend Halminen to friends and family, in fact my brother bought his 2nd Halminen home recently as well."
Bernadine Keuken and Jay Palmer
"We looked at a LOT of new homes before choosing our Halminen home. We fell in love with the layout, how it uses the space so effectively. The most impressive thing for us were the dramatic windows and ceilings- they really made this home stand out from the other models we viewed. Since then, we've been extremely happy with the after-sales service- even though we've had almost no real defects to report! It's been a great buying experience."
Jennifer van Hezewyk
"I wanted to drop you a quick line to tell you of the very pleasant experience my family and I have had in dealing with Halminen Homes. We have purchased a Halminen home in Black Creek in August of 2006 and have been absolutely thrilled with it since the day we moved in - no, really since the day we first saw it only a few short weeks before move-in day. We have been very impressed with the quality of workmanship found throughout the home. Understandably, small "faults" or issues have occurred over the first year which we know are normal in home construction, things such as nail pops, and various other minor items. The follow-up made by your people to any and all issues has been absolutely stellar. I congratulate you on having the likes of Dan and Jennifer in your warranty department. I can't say enough about the friendliness and dedication to customer service that both of these people have displayed throughout their dealings with us. They represent your company to the highest degree and personify your commitment to customer-focused quality. We will always give Halminen our highest recommendation. Coincidentally, we moved from a Halminen home that had been built in Courtice more than 25 years ago. (We were not the original owners.) The sale of it was handled by Joe and Anita - another great experience! We thank Halminen Homes for such a lovely home and a great home-buying experience."
Tom Conners
"Dear Jennifer, I just wanted to express my appreciation to the entire Halminen team for the great response you have given to us as a purchaser of our home. Firstly, to Tony, who must realize the person who has just moved into their home is busy doing all their setting up. He not only answered my queries but undertook to look after my interests. While he is still here on site he has become a neighbour and good friend. Then, of course, we are grateful to Dan, such a likable guy to begin with, he has always responded with eagerness to put right, any and all things that came into question. Finally, Jennifer I want to thank you for the timely way you have responded to our issues and I've been impressed by how you follow up with a call to make sure we are satisfied after the issues have been addressed. I have purchased a new home in the past (from another builder) and I certainly did not receive the kindness and most favourable responses that you and your team have shown to us, including all of the tradesmen that come in and do the work are extremely pleasant and helpful. I am so impressed with the way the Halminen group have responded to me, that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them as a first rate builder of fine homes and as an organization that really looks after their clients."
Alan & Margaret Drake
"I would like to take this opportunity to express how my family was treated throughout the process of purchasing and building our home. We purchased in Kaukonen Court in Bowmanville and have been in our home since November 2008. Firstly, we chose Halminen Homes because of your outstanding reputation as a quality home builder. Halminen was recommended by several friends and acquaintances. We visited your Kaukonen Court model home and spoke with Anna Labriola. We were less than impressed with our first interaction with Halminen Homes. We have since been informed that Anna had health concerns and that could explain her lack of focus. Had it not been for our friends assurance that things would get better, we would have walked away from the deal. Throughout the building process several mistakes and misunderstandings occurred to the point that we no longer would deal with Anna. We were also extremely frustrated as no one from Halminen seemed to be able to answer our questions. With Anna out of the communication process, things were frustrating but manageable, as is expected when dealing with the complexity of building a new home. From this point on the process began to run more smoothly thanks to John Zarafa and Rob Aldsworth. They were able to help answer many of our questions and concerns. Both were extremely helpful when they could be. Prior to our move in date, my wife, Sandy and I were introduced to Jennifer Francisco, Warranty Service Co-ordinator. Immediately, we were both impressed with Jennifer's level of professionalism as well as her assurance that we would be well taken care of. My wife and I expressed to one another how much of a positive impact Jennifer had over our feelings toward the whole of Halminen Homes. I would also like to mention that we were also happy with the customer service and professionalism of Lisa Labriola and Mike the painter. They were always ready to help us and answer any questions relating to their field of expertise. Along the way, we also met Dan Johnson. Dan further assured us through not only his words but also his actions, that Halminen Homes stands behind their product. Many issues were cleared up by both Dan and Jennifer which, I know took up a great deal of their valuable time and effort. Jennifer and Dan have displayed to our family that we are their priority and our happiness and satisfaction is important to them, both professionally and personally. I know when I have an issue, Jennifer will be there to answer the call, do what needs to be done to find a solution and if that involves Dan, I know the job will be done with pride. It is my humble opinion that Jennifer and Dan are extremely valuable assets to your organization, especially in these tough economic times. They drastically changed our opinion of Halminen Homes. The fact that we refer our friends and family to Halminen Homes is directly related to the service provided by Jennifer and Dan and the high quality product created by your team of contractors led by John and Rob. The extra money it cost to purchase a Halminen Home will serve our family well for years to come as compared to a cheaper, lesser quality home. "
Christian and Sandy Leroux
"I wanted to take a moment to pass along my thoughts regarding the after buying experience I have had with Halminen Homes. The service and attention to detail you have provided us has been second to none. Compared to the last builder I dealt with (Senator Homes) ... well, there is no comparison. I wanted to say thank you for the attention you have paid to us and our home. Thank you again."
Gary Lakin
"We would like to express our sincere gratitude and thanks for a beautifully built home. Right from the very first moment at the sales office, when we met Cathy we knew that Halminen Homes was the builder for us. Words can not express the professionalism, courtesy and at the same time easiness about all staff that we have interacted with during and post construction of our amazing home. Halminen Homes was the only builder that was willing to work with us and make custom changes. Having said that, this is our 4th brand new home. By far this one exceeds our expectations. Simply put, the other homes can not even compete with respect to workmanship, involvement during construction and exceptional customer service. Special thanks to Mr. Hannu Halminen, Mr. Ryan Holland, Ms. Heidi, Ms. Jennifer, Ms. Cathy and of course Mr. Dan and Mr. Rob. Jennifer and Dan, you guys really go above and beyond to make homeowners happy and we got this feeling from you that you treated and cared about our home as if it would be your own. We can not forget about all trades who worked very hard on our home, big thank you to you all !!! Without any hesitation we would definitely recommend Halminen Homes to any discriminate buyers. HALMINEN HOMES, YOU ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!"
Dorota, Jack and Mecheala P.
"Dear Jennifer: What can we say, it's better a wonderful, respectful relationship for the past approx. 1 1/2 years as being our "Ms. Fix-It". You have always backed up your words with action, sometimes quickly, sometimes on the slow side (but always for good reason, we're sure), sometimes beyond what was expected. You are always pleasant, polite and to the point. A gifted person who is a great credit to Halminen Homes. All of our items have been taken care of. It's kind of a sad moment, like the parting of good friends. Ya know, we could continue the relationship if I could continue to find things to fix, but I'm sure that Mr. Halminen would not appreciate that very much. I guess all good things must come to an end. Hey, maybe we could buy another house (Just thought of that). Nah, I guess we must say good bye, dear friend. Be blessed in all you do and may you continue to be a blessing to others. Once again, thank so very much for all that you have done for us. It was all so very much appreciated."
Gary & Margaret Stoter
"Dear Hannu and Ryan, I wanted to send you a note to thank you for my beautiful new home. As a first time "New Home" buyer I want to say how easy you made the process for me. From beginning to end the service I received from everyone was both friendly and professional. When the unthinkable happened, the fire, you were all there to reassure and walk me through the steps to rebuild and repair. Cathy at your sales office was wonderful every step of the way. The few minor things on my 30 day list were dealt with and always followed up with a call from the office which shows a high commitment to customer service. Ryan, I have told all my friends and family about my new home and the quality that comes with a Halminen Home, and will continue to refer build a very nice house. Thank you all."
Sue Starkey